Our Philosophy

  • Our Philosophy is guided by ‘Being, Belonging, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework’ and the National Quality Framework

  • In Relation to Children

    C We acknowledge that all children are unique individuals with their own needs, interests and strengths. All children are given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture and socio-economic background

  • In Relation to Families and Community

    F We acknowledge families are the most important people in their child’s life and have valuable information to share with us. We will make parents feel welcome and encourage them to become involved at the centre in whatever way they feel comfortable.

  • In Relation To Educators

    E We recognise and respect that every educator member is an individual with diverse needs, interests, skills, knowledge and experience. We support educator members’ personal early childhood philosophy

    In Relation To The Environment

    E We recognise the importance of providing a safe, secure and consistent environment that supports trust and familiarity as well as active exploration of learning.

  • In Relation to the Program

    P The program encourages children to make choices and have control of their own learning through individual interests and their ‘voices’ being recognised. Short and long term projects are added to and changed according to the children’s interests.