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Our Story

Nicole & Frazer Upfold

We opened the first centre at Nicky's Kids Town over 25 years ago, since then it has been a family-owned business. Our experience in childcare continues to run all aspects of each centre, dedicating our efforts to ensure Nicky's Kids Town is one of the best service providers in the industry. 

We hold a highly regarded reputation within our communities, as well as among the child care agencies in Sydney. There is a high percentage of referrals and sibling enrollments, which are testament to the quality of the programs and facilities offered at our centre. 

If you're seeking childcare in Sydney, we understand the pressure and research required to make such a significant decision. We are always happy to answer questions, give tours, talk to staff, discuss our programs and give advice. Never hesitate to contact us or arrange an appointment at our centre. 

- Nicole Upfold, Manager

Our Philosophy

In Relation to Children

We acknowledge that all children are unique individuals with their own needs, interests and strengths. All children are given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture and socio-economic background.


In Relation to Educators

We recognise and respect that every educator member is an individual with diverse needs, interests, skills, knowledge and experience. We support educator members’ personal early childhood philosophy.


In Relation to Families

We acknowledge families are the most important people in their child’s life and have valuable information to share with us. We will make parents feel welcome and encourage them to become involved at the centre in whatever way they feel comfortable.

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