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"Health Heroes vs. Coronavirus": A short-story to help Children understand the pandemic

The great @the_happy_broadcast has created a short picture book story to help children experiencing anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic. It's available digitally on Issuu for free.

About the story:

"When Coronavirus COVID-19 strikes, Health Heroes fight back by keeping their hands super clean and hunkering down in Hero Headquarters! The Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed our everyday lives and many parents are left trying to explain what is going on. So, what better way than with a story that teaches children about preventative health measures and how they can be part of the solution! Artwork is by the amazing Nikolas Ilic and the story is by the talented Scott Emmons and Mauro Gatti. With COVID-19 being a major concern for adults, many children are also experiencing some anxiety about our current situation. So, we created a book to help them understand, and cope, with their fears surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. All of the information in this book regarding preventative health measures and hygiene comes directly from the World Health Organization"


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